Main Page

Groups - Agents can be put into groups. Groups typically reflect companies or departments. By default agents fall into a 'New' group.

Errors - Agents report back errors from the Windows System log.

Tickets - Users can submit trouble tickets. Once submitted the tickets allow you to remote into the customer. This page is brandable 175 x 105 png.


Inventory - Invoke an inventory of the particular computer. Usually takes 5 minutes to process.

Reboot Computer - Initiates a computer reboot. This is ungraceful... doesn't save anything. Just reboots the computer.

Remote In - Initiates a remote session.

Do Updates - Initiates Microsoft Updates.

Download file - Allows you to download a file to the client computer.

Computer Page

Inventory - An extremely comprehensive computer inventory may be obtained.

Delete - Of course agents may be deleted. Deleting agents puts them into a Deleted group. From the Deleted group agents may be removed forever or reinstated.

Notes - Computers can be given friendly names in a Notes filed.

Last Check In - View the last time that the agent communicated with the MSP server. A good indication of whether the computer is on or off/sleeping.

Drive - View SMART hard drive info if SMART is enabled.

Free % - View how much free space is available on the drives.

OS - Shows the operting system of the computer

Uptime - Shows uptime since the last reboot.

Updates - Shows the date of the last update push and the status (Reboot needed, etc).

Errors - Hyperlink to page that shows a particular computer's errors.

Tickets - Hyperlink to page that shows a particular computer's outstanding tickets.

Tasks - See above.

Custom - 6 misc columns are provided to track different informaion.